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Health awareness expo for your employees

If you are a business with more than 25 employees and you are concerned about their wellbeing, Zuzimpilo Medical Centre offers competitively priced Health Awareness Days in the Gauteng region.

The Zuzimpilo Health Awareness Day includes:


  • A 45 minute presentation on general health issues including HIV/Aids. This will be followed by a question and answer session.
  • Several stations where the following will be checked:

    1. Height and weight:
      Overweight employees will be counseled on the risks and advised on dietary measures and exercise; weight monitoring will be recommended.
    2. Blood glucose:
      To detect early diabetes: if the random glucose is abnormal, the employee will be given advice on diet and exercise and referred for confirmatory tests, e.g. fasting glucose, at a primary care centre.
    3. Blood pressure:
      To detect early hypertension: employees with high BP will be counseled on diet and exercise and referred to a facility that could continue further management especially if they need treatment for hypertension.
    4. Cholesterol:
      If high, employee will be counseled on diet and exercise and referred.
    5. Haemoglobin:
      If low: if HIV negative, employee will be referred for further investigation, if HIV positive he or she will be enrolled on our program.
    6. HIV test:
      With pre-test and post-test counseling.
    7. Dietary and exercise advice:
      Will be given to everyone with special emphasis on those with lifestyle diseases.


Benefits to you and your business:






One man’s reaction to his diagnosis.


How this lady’s life has improved

10 ways to be successful on ARVs

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Antiretroviral therapy typically combines three or more antiretroviral drugs that work together to keep the HI Virus from multiplying. Although antiretroviral drugs improve health and delay death, they do not cure HIV/AIDS.


  1. Commit to drug taking: ART is lifelong treatment which needs to be taken correctly for it to be effective.
  2. Get to know your treatment: Ensure that you know and understand what medication you are on and how to take it.
  3. Choose a pill time: Get help from your healthcare provider to work out a medication schedule that will fit into your daily activities.
  4. Remember your medication: Make use of an alarm clock or cellphone to remind you when to take your medication.
  5. Get a pillbox: Keep a supply of your drugs with you wherever you go, so that you do not miss your pill time (it also helps to have a bottle of water with you).
  6. Get a treatment buddy: It helps to disclose to someone close to you, preferably someone who lives with you, who will be able to offer you support and to remind you to take your treatment.
  7. Missed doses: If you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember. But if it’s almost time for your next dose then you should wait and take the next dose. Do not take double doses.
  8. Stopping treatment: Do not stop treatment on your own, unless instructed to do so by your doctor.
  9. Be aware of side effects: Ensure that your health care provider has explained to you any possible side effects that you may experience. If you do experience any report them to your Health care provider as soon as possible.
  10. Monitoring and evaluation: Be sure to keep all scheduled appointments with your healthcare provider, especially in the first few months of taking treatment, so that the effect of the treatment can be monitored.



Name: Sarah
Age: 34 years

This patient found out that she was HIV positive when she was 4 months pregnant. She struggled to tell her mom and her partner who also found out he was HIV positive. She gave birth to an HIV negative son. Her family supports her to take her ARVS every evening when Generations begin and she hasn’t looked back. In fact she often forgets she is HIV positive!

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Name: Disebo

Age: 39 years

This ZuziMpilo Medical Centre patient thought she would die within three days of her AIDS diagnosis which she discovered after the birth of her son. Rather than tell her family the truth, she told her mom she had Cancer, but when she finally admitted to having AIDS, she was almost forced to leave home. Thankfully she began on ARVs. She says: “Seven year later I am still doing well on treatment and living a healthy life thanks to the drugs. Antiretroviral medication really works!”

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